Derby Lane Greyhound Track

Welcome to a blog that may make people mad maybe even call me names.This is little blog on a visit to Derby Lane Greyhound track and Poker Room.Yes they actually race greyhound dogs here.This may make many uncomfortable reading this.Derby Lane is the oldest track in running,opened in 1925.And has been in many Hollywood movies.Located in Saint Petersburg Florida(and across the street from my home).Yes I do attend the races on occasion , and have interacted with some of the kennel owners,.I have seen some of these dogs treated like kings n queens(Husker Magic for one) she was like royalty.Are there some injuries in racing I would say yes.Have I seen any severe injuries or deaths no I have not.Yes I admit I do enjoy going and I love to visit the dogs , and donate to adoption of retired greyhounds..I love greyhounds,once they are retired in a home they are just big gentle giants.The track is a beautiful place with a nice restaurant and lounge area .This place also has a nice huge poker room( which I am horrible at poker.If you ever in the area and want a night of entertainment that does not cost lots of money stop by and take a look.or stop by and see me I live across the street..🙂🙂🙂Family friendly so children are welcomed also.After All is said here ,I in no way promote Amy harm to any animal if I ever witnessed deliberate harm to an animal I would in no way attend this place..You can voice any comments against greyhound racing it’s ok just don’t threaten me please.nice conversations on pros n cons are fine.


  1. We have a greyhound track here and a greyhound racer adoption place too. They are very sweet and well trained dogs. Just don’t get them near a rabbit after retirement! 😀

  2. I actually work at the dog track in my town! I think this is the sister company to the one I work at. I don’t much care for dog racing, but the dogs are treated very well. <3

    • Yes they are like one I mentioned husker Magic,, she was treated like queen,,, she was such a beautiful dog

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