StairCase Makeover Update

C200E183-2CF2-4A1B-A88A-3E797AE9C493Here is quick update on the stairwell/staircase project..The risers all have now had a coat of fresh white paint.C200E183-2CF2-4A1B-A88A-3E797AE9C493.jpegyes the new fresh white paint with the dark treads will make them pop,Also the back wall in the stairwell is now complete.30F51813-56DA-4CE9-A0EA-BE76C3D9D5ABvery tedious  trying make nice perfect lines, but it came out very nice..I still have exterior parts staircase ,, and all handrails yet to go,, and redo of all the treads..but it’s coming along, well until the next update have a great day.


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