Sexual Abuse(as a child)

Sexual abuse as a child ..

In this story there will be no names mentioned ,,But I would like to thank all fellow people who gave me courage to talk about it all.

So as a child from about age 5 to 16,a family member sexually abused me..At a early age I never really thought of it being wrong..But as I got about 12 years old I knew it wasn’t right,,but did not know what to do or say ..And sexual experiences of being touched was strange new feeling ..Was I forced to do other things,, yes I was,,did I perform sexual acts , yes, I was scared and afraid ..

These events lead to few things that I know now I am not proud of,,Twice at around age of 12 were my first experiences with a girl,,,it happened as our sitter/friend of family,,She was 18 years old and we laid under blanket and  she preceded to do things sexually to me and another,Me being abused for years never thinking about the wrongs here,She carried out acts that I never even knew about(way before the Internet )..Which in turn her s,,never spoke to family the same again, I know how guilty she must have felt and I myself never understanding ..This happen again at age 12 to another sitter,.And she was sitter who was with us same night as the other…

As I turned into a teenager  I finally realized that the abuse did something to my mind,,But the abuse still happened ,,and I began to wander, was I really afraid and scared, I learning know it was sex abuse ,,I thought that in no way could I get this family member in trouble ,,

As my teenage years progressed I began to put into my mind , that maybe I like it,,maybe it was alright what was being done to me,,so many things good and bad go thru your mind,,

As I turned passed 16 and left the state then did I realize it was wrong and I was abused ,,for many many years I could not talk about it,lots of pain I held in..

But thanks to a special stories out there and today’s society ,, I got me confidence to talk about this and my article as homeless teen .. Thank you ,,always being there for me,,

Thank you to all for reading ,,


  1. The fact you have wrote about it will help you and so many others on here and hopefully they too will have the confidence to share their stories and realise that they were the victims of other people’s actions too.

    That is your past which you will always remember but it does not define you as a person, you have a beautiful soul which shines brightly. 🌹

  2. It takes a lot of courage to share something so personal and sensitive. You are strong person. Healing is a journey and telling your story is part of your journey.

    • It absolutely is, I see so many people forget there kids in cars or even kill there kids, if you don’t want your child bring them to me,and this is one reason I’m going to try and foster children’s and want to adopt a child

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