Cholesteatoma (my journey)

My journey with this disease.

Since I was very young child I have dealt with severe ear infections.The infections would be painful, smelly and lots of discharge.Seems that several times a year I was on antibiotics and lambs wool in my ears,During the summer , which was spent swimming at the shore and lambs wool in the ears.Then came severe infections after infections.

These same exact scenarios happened thru out my entire life.I learned as I got older that I was no longer able to go under the water and pay great attention in the shower.The doctors still same thing over and over anti biotics and send me down the road till next time.

The ears never cleared up , pain , pressure, discharge, hearing loss balance issues, headaches dizziness.

Once again my primary doc just gave meds, finally one day I was in horrible pain and smelly discharge and complete hearing loss in ear.The nurse practitioner came in looked in ear went told the doctor.Well doctor came in leaned against wall and said we give you meds for ear again.Then I asked doc are you going to look at ear, he said we give you some meds to help, I said doc please look it’s not right.The doc got mad started get upset and yell at me, as I tried explain to him, he told me to shut the fuck up im going to look.As he started to look he was stabbing me in the ear pain and pain and pain, again he told me to shut the fuck up.Then something happened he hit something in the ear, I got disoriented lost and wandered out down the road.Told my wife after realized what happened, filed complaint with the doc office.

Well they had me come back and actually after 50 years I got see an ent doctor.thank the lord finally

Come back next for EN T first visit

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