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great idea with cookies


Cookies and sweets are my weakness. I probably need them about once a day, minimum. Well, I found an amazing gluten free chocolate chip cookie mix. Thank you Betty Crocker!

All you need is the mix, an egg, and vanilla extract, boom so easy. You mix everything together, cook it for less than 10 minutes and there you go! It’s super easy to make, and super yummy to eat. The batter itself made about 25 cookies (we made them on the smaller side).

The texture was the same as a regular cookie, they were soft, and not at all dry. The box cost around 5 dollars. We served them at my grandma’s 81 birthday party and they were a huge hit! Everyone loved it, and didn’t realize it was GF.

I recommend everyone try this, it’s a 10/10. It’s so delicious, makes a lot, isn’t expensive, and taste like a regular…

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