My”Project Runway” Recap

  • Season 15, week 7..Top 10 designers.
  • This week starts off with the designers at Universal Orlando.Skull island reign of king.
  • Designers need to create  street wear/urban jungle.
  • Work room
  • tims critiques
  • he tells Cornelius to channel Heidi for inspiration,Dexter once again struggling but Tim tells him “be you”.if you go home go home for something you love.He also tells Jenni to “be you”,,Erin is going back to her embroidery skills(ugh worry for her this week.).Nathalia is known for streetwear designs, but time tells her it looks like an old costume.laurence  her leather jacket is looking really cool..For rest of designers Not much bad critiques..
  • Guest Judges
  • rebecca minkoff
  • carly chaikin
  • RunwayShow
  • erin, oh my this week not good,, yellow fringes on shorts all wrong(she is one my favorites this year, but not this week)
  • Jenni,her look is kind of kiddish to me..
  • Mah-Jing,nice dress should be sage this week..
  • Nathalia, judges love her look this week, especially her pants,,
  • Dexter,the top on his look to me is weird,, not digging it,, neither are the judges except one judge gives it praise,,one of my bottom this week.
  • rik,one of my favorites this week, love his look,,
  • roberi, just a basic ho hum look,, will be safe I think..
  • cornelius, not good for him this week, judges say sloppy, no imagination,.say it’s a basic  school project,, will be on bottom.
  • Laurence,I say no to pants, but the judges live the look.i didn’t like the crotch , looked little bulging to me,,
  • Brik.,I liked the looks, but the judges just hate it,zebra type prints on pants..
  • Winners and Losers
  • my winner was Rik, there winner was Laurence
  • loser for me was Cornelius ,, judges loser and going home was   Brik,,
  • Tune in next week for another recap

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