My”Project Runway” Recap

  • Season 15,week 8,9. designers .Tonights guest judge is Kelly Osborne .
  • On this week is A Sally Beauty challenge,pop up color shop in soho of New York.(will be a public judging  with votes counting 20 percent of runway show judging..This challenge to consist of 3 teams of 3
  • Red team,,Erin,Dexter,Cornelius
  • Neutral team,,Jenni,Nathalia ,Mah-Jing.
  • Blue team,,Rik,Roberi,Laurence
  • Work Room
  • Mah-Jing is feeling left out by his teammates,and does not like the looks so far.Cornelius feels as tho he is doing most of the work while his team plays around,, this will come into play later on..
  • Tims critiques
  • Blue–has mixed feelings on collection ,do more without over designing.
  • red—Tim loves Erin’s jacket, team decides to mix the looks up and he feels that’s a smashing idea to do this.
  • neutral–told that collection is just blah and basic(worst thing designer wants to hear)
  • Runway Show
  • Red-I love this collection,the judges do not love this puts them as bottom team tonite. They say it too much red.Big riff between the team, Cornelius is singled out by Erin and Dexter ..(hmmm wonder what is coming here)
  • Neutral-this was the public winner from soho , therefor this team is safe. (ECh member gets 500 each from Sally Beauty..
  • Blue–This collection I did not like ,, but the judges loved it,, i didn’t get there reasoning , but I guess they know best( well sometimes),,
  • Winners and Losers
  • From winning blue team this week winner by judges was Roberi,,,The losing designer by the judges was Cornelius..
  • Tim Gunn decides to use his save on Cornelius(who didn’t see this coming).,,I am not big fan on any shows on television bringing back eliminated contestants,,Obce you are out you should be out..(Of course these help to bring drama the next week,,)
  • Also the live models in the windows was cool too see..
  • Thanks for reading my own personal recap of the show,,

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