Re Finish A Stairwell/Fire Escape

  • This is a project of refinishing a rusty worn stairwell/ fire escape..
  • In prepping for this job you need, safety goggles, wire brush, sandpaper. Scraper,primer and paint ( will discuss products used in few minutes)
  • Be prepared to get dirty and make sure you protect your eyes, do not get any rust in them,, All you need is little elbow grease and start by scrapeing heavy stuff off,, After you scrape take your wire brush remove  scaling rust/paint,,..for final prep step take some 80 grit sandpaper and smooth out the edges and any flaking left
  • Priming stairs,,,We used a pro-cryl marine industrial primer from  sherwin Williams paints..These products are water based and makes for easier cleanup,,
  • Used a  good nap roller which will help level out any imperfections and help with final coat to level out finish..

    (This pic shows finish product used primed stairs and stairs with dark.  Blue-gray finish color,,finish coat)

  • Next step is using a sherwin Williams Sher-Cryl..industrial marine finish..
  • Both of these products are meant to provide a heavy body coating for rust preventing..
  • Thanks for looking ,,,


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