Shabby Chic Shelf


Here is little home project of transferring a plain old white drab shelf to my shabby chic style shelf.As you can see it was boring plain and white..I first started by sanding down the entire shelf for paint adhesion and to let colors underneath. To show thru..My next step was to spray with a dark base coat(I used a dark green). After basecolor dried I sanded to allow some of white to bleed thru.. I then took an aqua color spray and a pinkish / purplish type color( just some paint I had laying around),,I took the two colors and lightly dust sprayed both on base color..After it dried I took my power sander and sanded to my likeness (also take single piece sandpaper for corner and edges ).after all is finished I sprayed the shelf with clear coating to protect the finish..

I.. hope you liked this easy little project ..

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