Front Door Finishing Project

  • This was a project of finishing entry doors on local office complex.
  • As seen in picture on right was unfinished look of the entry doors

  • First step was cleaning doors with denatured alcohol to remove any marks , finger prints smudges from installing
  • nect step was to apply a pre stain conditioner to doors( most people never ever do this step, this helps too keep any blotches from showing in wood after staining.)
  • next step was to apply an ebony stain( test to get desired darkness you want)then wipe off any excess with  clean cloth
  • tge next day I applied an sanding sealer to stained areas( protects stain and also gives ability to sand without removing stain ,, also helps for poly top coats to lay down more evenly
  • after that has dried I lightly sanded and apply poly of your choice.. on these doors I used a brand called sikkens,, oil based poly .. this brand has high u.v. Protection for Florida climate ..
  • final step was too lightly sand again and apply a second coat of poly (of your choice)..
  • thanks for looking Amy questions please ask

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