Fireplace MakeOver

This fireplace makeover was a project that I just finished up at my workplace.

As you can see in the first pic , it was an 1980 dated dark fireplace ,..In the second pic is a closeup view of the brick(very rough coarse brick),which means oh yes fun time painting this.My first step was to use a pro- block latex primer from sherwin Williams .My application process was , I used an small hvlp type cup gun sprayer.I applied 2 coats of primer on fireplace just to seal it.The next day I used all surface latex paint from sherwin Williams .Once again I use my hvlp type sprayer to apply heavy coat and in turned used a roller and brush to help fill in all crevices.(which this was no easy job)…After first coat was dried any larger open areas I filled in with caulk….Once again used same process for second coat..Once it was all dry went back with brush filled in any remains areas,,and painted the black parts with refresh coat of paint…I really do like the fireplace with updated white finish..thank you once again for following y site.


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