Front Door Renew Project

This was a project on refinishing a set of front entry doors..As you can see in the pics the before and after pics .Steps into doing a project like this can be little time consuming and stretched out..First step was to strip old varnish and stain with a remover from Home Depot ..This can take several times of apply and removing ..After as much has been removed you just need to sand off remainer(I use a mouse sander).Nect step is to apply a wood conditioner before staining.After about 15 minutes apply stain of your choice and wipe off excess one desired color is reached..The next day you can apply a sanding sealer to protect the stain for sanding and for poly to apply more evenly…Next step is to lightly sand and apply your poly ( I use a sikkens product).The next day lightly sand and apply second coat of poly .. and that’s it you have a nice new finished door..Thanks for reading  and questions always welcomed…


  1. Gorgeous ! I have a beautiful front door, massive oak, dating from around 1800, which would benefit from a refurbishment of yours. We are in contact with a local cabinetmaker who is also a recognized restorer of historical buildings to have it refurbished and insulated.

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