Painting Tips(#3). Prep Prep Prep

  • Just a few quick prep tips for painting
  • first tip- pressure cleaning exterior
  • after cleaning, if there is a chalky film left on walls apply a chalky surface sealer(needed for paint adhesion).if not applied in a few months your walls will peel
  • caulking is your friend.. any cracks, holes, around windows or doors caulk them up..(if you leave open ,,
  • water always finds it way inside and you will get wood rot behind and under surfaces..
  • on masonary surface any cracks use an elastimeric patch to fill them in,, prefer this over caulking cracks in stucco or concrete blocks(use a brush grade to extend and make any even patch to blend in..
  • primers,,,,if there is rust prime it with rust inhibitive primer,, many to choose from..raw wood prime with a good primer to match the surface,, knotty sappy wood prefer an shellac base,, regukar raw wood spots ask your local paint dealer to match up to your need,,(kilz has various products for all types of primer needs)..
  • primer .. a primer that I like for various surfaces .. is 123 primer ( latex base product which I have even primed porcelain tile in a shower and worked excellent,’s advances in primers are amazing
  • These are just a few quick tips , if you have any questions please send an email


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