Kitchen Cabinets Makeover

This picture here shows my upper kitchen cabinets before I rehab them…The next pics show the after product..

For this rehab I decided to do a burned method using a propane torch..After removing the upper cabinets I went to Home Depot and decided on the roughest knotty pieces of wood they had in the 2×2 sheets..After cutting the 2×2 sheets to size I then decided on which way I wanted the pattern to go,, then I just used a simple torched purchased from Depot and just started to burn the wood to my likeness..Before I started on my good pieces I used a scrap piece to pravtice my torch method..For most part there is no wrong or right way to do the process..

After I hung all doors I used a sanding sealer and then 2 coats of poly for finish..(I used no stain in finish)..I did so much research on internet and did not really see anyone do this method on there cabinet doors .. I Do see it done on tables and furniture and even flooring ..Hope you enjoy and please share this with others


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