My Coffee Table Project

Hello and welcome to my coffee table project..As I turned leftover wood from my cabinet project into a coffee table..Well this was the final result..img_1557As this was my first attempt to make a table  for most part it came out alright..The top of the table was left over wood pieces from my cabinet doors..The legs and framing was just cheap 2×4 pieces of wood .These were screwed together and counter sunk..The bottom shelf I decided to add so I went to Home Depot and purchased some 1×4 pieces of wood ,, .After assembling my table I decided to do  the same burned wood  treatment as my kitchen cabinets(please see that look on my blog).i achieved this by a blow torch bought from Home Depot..after I burned to desire look I applied 3 coats of satin poly to entire table..(I used a sikkens product)..I hope you enjoyed the out of the ordinary look of this table..


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