Wood Library Walls MakeOver

This project was a customer home library.The customer wanted to get rid of old wood look and go with more modern light gray finish..

As you can see in the before pics an updated look was needed..To achieve a new look was to first pre caulk all joints seems and any open areas..Next step was to apply a oil based primer from sherwin Williams ..In order to get a nice fine finish on the walls was we used an new item ,, the new sprayer was a grace 395 fine finish air assisted sprayer ..After applying first coat primer I did caulking to any areas that were missed the first time..A second coat of primer was then applied..After overnight dry we sanded tha walls .. For the finish coats we use a sherwin Williams oil satin finish..I applied this finish once again with grace fine finish sprayer…(I have to say this machine works very well,,after getting the proper air-paint mixture and correct form of spraying it did make a nice smooth/fine finish…)after first coat finish once again checked for any open areas and caulked them..For the final coat once again the graco sprayer laid a nice level coat..


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