Muscovy Ducks(nuisance or not)

Muscovy Ducks..Well if you are in Florida you will know these animals.The Ducks in question here are Muscovy Ducks that live in our mobile home community..These Ducks either bring joy or hate to people and lots of arguments..In this case I love wildlife,, love watching these guys as they grow up from little babies..but in our county it is illegal to even give them a few pieces of bread..As you can imagine people love to feed the Ducks..The unfortunate part others just out right hate them,, because of there population and how they do just wander..As you can imagine in a mobile home community living is close to one another and if you love them they will come by and as they do they will leave some poop behind..Well the problem here is let wildlife be,, I know my stance is unpopular to some ,, ..So what happens people are just killings little baby Ducks by just snapping there necks and also grown Ducks..This just seems ridiculous to me..Why can’t there be relocation of these animals,, why such vulgar ways of death ..Do other people feel like this is acceptable way of disposing of the Ducks ..Save The Ducks..IMG_1391thanks for letting me rant..Save The Ducks

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