Refinished Doors

This project was for the local hospuce(Empath) building here in st.pete seen in this pic this is what the doors looked like before the project began…to start the project the doors were chemically stripped… then they were sanded with a mouse sander ..After the sanding process to get rid of various colors from wood aged we used an wood bleach to give the doors an even look..IMG_1695.JPGthis is the look afterdoirs were stripped and sanded…To begin the staining process,, to eliminate blotch wood look all the doors were first given a coat of wood conditioner..then a coat of stain was applied..after stain dried a coat of sanding sealer was then applied….The next day the doors were lightly sanded by hand and given first coat of sikkens varnish..The next day a second coat of sikkens was applied …Here is finished look on some of the doors..


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