My Hurricane Irma Experience

Welcome to my quick little story on my hurricane Irma..Yes as being a resident in Florida, and a resident in a mobile home park..We know we should be prepared but are we ever completely prepared,, no is the answer.. As storm was approaching I did stock up on water, canned goods for week and snacks..Well as word came we had to evacuate I immediately tried to get motel room.. Not one room availble in the whole county..Do trying figure out what to do with 3!adults one dog, one bird , a cat who just had 5 baby kittens..My dog is very old and my father is on verge altzheimer s..Well we decided to leave that Friday and go to my company’s work shop.. we loaded all our personal stuff that couldn’t be replaced .. few pieces clothes , food and the pets.. Well at our shop there is just a tiny 6×10 office we stayed in because it had air and rest of shop was packed with smelly equipments and paint..well let’s see 3 adults , bird, dog cat and 5 kittens a desk .a table and shelves left very little room..As storm approached I left back Door open for air  and to sort of watch(plus we had a tv antenna out Door to get few channels,, luckily the storm power weekend as it came closer..I kept close eye as for the eye was predicted to go right over my mobile home park..But it veered 20 miles left thank god…After Monday 800 am curfew to go home we went check on our homes..I had very little damage in water heater and screens..But numerous places had major damage and a small tornado hit 5 spaces down..Well no power once home and inside a mobile home it gets unbearable hot..As night fell we played games by candle light and actually had tablet where we could watch Netflix movies .. As days went on with no power sick of canned food and snacks.. to keep phones charged and tablets we took turns with charger in my truck..On Friday night we got power back on.. yeaaaaa,, So we decided to try and find food to cook,, Well store shelves were bear.. same as before snacks only..At least power was back but our water heater was damaged and didn’t get fixed till Tuesday .. so that meant like 10 days without hot shower..(I’m here to say cold showers  are blahhhh)..All in all it could have been worse .. next time I will be even more prepared..


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