My GrandDaughters Room Painting Bonding Experience

This post will be little different than how to paint a bedroom..this is a Experience with my granddaughter .Yes my granddaughter who is now a teenager wanted to change the kiddie pink color on her walls to a bright beach feel teal color..Now as the years have gone by ,,my granddaughter which is my only granddaughter 💜.So yes I spoiled her🦄(.Now she is actually my step granddaughter but I have Been there since she was 2 weeks old..)so as she has aged our time spent together has become less and less,, gone are the zoo days,,theme parks ,, playing with her dolls,,the hours we would spend in the pool..Now that she is in high school doing high school activities ,, hanging with the friends..and FaceTime .So the time spent now together become more valuable…I miss those brings tears to your eyes as you think  how time is slipping away..  My best little buddy has grown into great young woman.. as I miss playing barbies,, doing fashion and makeup..and just acting goofy..So we decided to paint her bedroom ,, And who knew we would have fun in doing so.,,,Now she is young adult we know longer talk to one another as a child and an adult ,,but two adults having fun cutting up driving each other crazy we laughed , sang .and yes I accidentally got paint on her..Fond memory I have from our camping tripon July 4th ,,how she asked me grandpa sit next to me and let’s just talk.. The was most special time  ,, this is our really first bonding time in a while and realizing I Love This girl so much ..She means the world to me..So as we all age and experience things like this I realize how precious life is and how I realized to get healthy enjoy life to max..And this way I have as many years as possible to enjoy the little things..But as years move forward I’ll be there for her that I promise her. Who knows as she ages and says grandpa I love you. Let’s go horse back riding ..or let’s sit on the bench and  just talk..Yes by Painting her bedroom I see the changes …But it gave us our time together to bond once again for that I thank the lord …To my granddaughter thank you for being you and just wanting to talk.. I love you hailey..And when the day comes with my other grandkids and our special bonding day will come with them…god bless you all,,

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