Cards made for my mom at her nursing home

These cards were made by grade school kids at a catholic school. They were given to my mom who now lives in a nursing home..God bless these kids for taking the time to do this.This was sweetest thing done for her.. for that I thank those kids..



  1. I didn’t realize your Mom is in a nursing home. That must be stressful for you. We are facing the same thing so my heart goes out to you. Isn’t that the most beautiful thing that those children are being taught to be kind and thoughtful? This touched my heart. A man and his wife were in my shop last weekend and she was telling me that her husband didn’t understand why anyone would pay the money to send their kids to Catholic school. This is why. God bless your dear mom.

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    • Thank you.. the last two years with her and multiple cancers she has .. and my dad has altzheimer .. so it’s been rough time but keeping our heads held high..and my heart goes out to you not easy thing for anyone.. you have antique shop I use to deal in them myself and at one time had booth in an Antigua mall.. thank you for reading and kind words… god bless you


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