Oven Baked Whole Chicken(Followed My Dream )

  • Welcome to my whole chicken oven baked recipe,This chicken idea and recipe came to me in a dream.So I Followed My Dreams to make a chicken dinner..
  • ingredients
  • onion,garlic .cayenne,lemon,butter,oregano,paprika,olive oil,basil ,parsley,,,red skin  potatoes,5lb chicken(whole)
  • my red skin potatoes ..chopped onion, garlic,diced potatoes .put these in mixing bowl and add little olive oil,salt , pepper ,cayenne,oregano,paprika,basil,thyme,parsley.Andsqueeze some lemon juice..mix all items in mixing bowl and set to the side..
  • Whole Chicken
  • melt butter add any of the ingredients to flavor to your liking .i added some cayenne,oregano,to butter..
  • i took all inert parts chicken out.. and took my butter mixture and rubbed inside of chicken and outside of the chicken by reaching under the skin without tearing the skin ..after under skin I rubbed butter on entire outside of .the chicken.after rub I sprinkle with cayenne,paprika,basil,thyme ,parsley,and sprinkled lemon over the entire chicken..
  • once chicken is prepped spread your potatoes around the chicken..and if you want add any more seasoning over top feel free…
  • after heating oven to 425
  • once chicken is in oven every 20 minutes I took my remainder butter and basted the bird..
  • my cook time was about 2 hours,,

    I am in no way any type of chef but I enjoy cooking chef inspired meals,,thank you for reading


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