IPhone X(quick first few days review

Well it arrived my IPhone X..This is just quick review of my first few days of use ,Well I previous had a iPhone 6 Plus , which I loved ,(and was paid for finally).So I decided to do a payment plan with ATT for the new x,,First took phone out package and was like wow it’s pretty for sure .Then I realized the phone seems so much smaller than the 6 plus ..but in reality the screen is bigger than 6 plus , gone is wasted extra space and the home button.Ok the home button  at  first I was like I’ll miss it, but just after few minutes I was use to just swiping on new phone,I’m ok without the home button to much of my surprise.I was scared about using this x phone but after few days I do like it,, it really was not that hard to get use to.I like new resolutions of the screen .I taken just few quick pics with camera and on a quick  review the camera does seems much better,,so it will be nice for my blog pics ,I am using the face to unlock the phone and so far works as advertised ,It is kinda neat how it works..I have been I phone user since the iPhone 3 and I love my iPhones , This was most nervous I was about getting a new phone,So my early reviews are that I love I phone x..


    • We all have are preferences.. most people I know are Samsung users .. I’m like last I phone person here.. lol..except little hailey me n her are IPhone… friends oh yea all the way .. 🙂🙂🙂🙂

  1. I was on the wall about getting the new Iphone X because I figured there might be some issues with it but after reading this review I might get one for myself for Christmas.

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