DanicaPatrick(my favorite driver of all time)To retire from full time racing

Today Danica Patrick announced she will no longer drive full time in NASCAR,Danica will end her career next year by driving the Faytona 500  and Indy 500..My heart took big hit by this announcement.Thru all that she endured as a female driver, she was my hero,yes Danica was my hero.I love this woman as an athlete and what she has done for young girls to look up to.Love her or hate her or say she didn’t belong ,but she did .This lady hung with some best drivers and was not afraid, or was she rattled by some of her critics..To you Fanuca thank you for the memories and good luck in your future activities..I will be watching next year and prob shed  a tear after the two races she will be doing .To you Danica much respect and gratitude to you,You are my hero and your fans admire you,Congratulations on your career you had,,


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