Never Give Up On Your Dream

I had a dream as a younger man.That dream was for myself to bowl on the professional bowlers tour.For years I worked very hard on my game, practice and more practice.As I advanced and entered many tournaments and won numerous national titles .I was set and prepared to try my hand first at regional pro events.Then a unexpected life turning events happened, My spouse got cancer,, she became more important than my dreams .So I placed them on hold.With expense of treatments and doctors ,everything was on hold,,As she was dealing with this, I myself had a horrible accident ,huge fall from a job at work and had serious leg injury that required 2years off from work and time to learn to walk again,This was secondary because as she was still dealing with her cancer and now my severe injury things got tuff..We made it work but then came the unthinkable ,as I was laid up , she cane home from work and died in my arms as I tried to do cpr on her.My heart broke that day,my mind wondered as I felt  with all strain put on her with her cancer and then having to deal with my injuries,,I blamed myself for her death,.I was haunted by this for years.So as I put my dreams still on hold for few more years .After time and dealing with guilt I had to go forward with life so I started to bowl again and try my dreams once again, she would have wanted that.Well here came another set back, serious nerve damage in my right arm that required surgery to rebuild nerves ,,I about gave up completely on my dream at this point .No more bowling for 5 years never picked up my bowling balls at all,,Now we move to today and as I started to realize as I age I want to live life , love life and enjoy life ,,So I been getting fit and healthy and really enjoying life ..Well I decided that next spring I want give a try at the PBA 50 tour.Just want to compete in an event,, win or lose ,,So I’m working hard on my game hoping that I’ll be eligible ,if not for this event maybe next event.But I decided to live my dream I’m going to do it.I love life , ,,No matter what happens I’m going to go for it , make my dream come true.I know that someone in heaven will watch over me as I live my dream


  1. I’m Sorry to hear about your wife. I know that was hard for you. And not being able to do what you love has to be awful! I hope you do enter and try. Enjoy life. You’re still young 😀

  2. Your story is here is so beautiful and painful at the same time <3 Your strength and courage is amazing and I have no doubt that by sharing your story you have inspired more people than you know today.

    God is always watching over you my friend. Always <3 I am so sorry I missed my daily prayer yesterday. I know you like to come visit to read them but after some technical setbacks I am back to praying 🙂

    It just so happens my prayer for today is about courage and so as always I welcome you to come pray with me 🙂 Each day that I pray and we visit each other, my heart warms up with happiness that we have crossed paths. You inspire me as I hope to do the same for you.

    When we open our hearts, God always leads us to the ones we need to cross paths with. I'm rooting for you all the way and I know your wife would be so proud of you in this moment especially. <3

    I wish you a wonderful, awesome day and my prayers are always with you my friend 🙂

  3. At first I thought surely you were a friend of mine who has had a similar life with a leg injury that took years to recover from. I am deeply sorry for the loss of your wife and the continued health issues.
    Isn’t it an amazing feeling to just choose to live! To just go out and say I’m gonna do this!
    It is what I have done with my health. I’m just choosing to live and enjoy my life as best I can with my little walks and my little drives to visit the prairie. I was told I could never drive again and it took me almost a year to get up the strength to drive 5 miles.
    Inspired by your perseverance !

    • Absolutely ,, I feel more alive than ever,,, all because we chose to keep moving ,,and congrats to you for deciding to just live also,,,if many could follow our lead instead of just giving up,, maybe are leads can save just one person to decide to live life,,,

      • So agree!!!!!!
        My friend barely has a leg but you will see him out there trying to surf. My body is eaten up by muscle disease but you will see me out living life no matter what.
        We didn’t get to choose what happened to us or our loss but we get to choose what we do now (most days! Some days well the PTSD and the depression does hit pretty hard but I still go for a walk every single day regardless)

      • Muscle disease,, wow I’m sorry my friend ,,I do understand about those somedays☹️,,on those some days as you prob know those walks/ rides get our mind clear somewhat,, I pray for you my friend,, we will together move forward I’m on this end if you ever need a friendly chat,, 🙂🙂🙂..

  4. You are very strong. Thank you so much for sharing your heartbreaking story. You’ve had big obstacles and I will that you overcame them. I’m happy to hear that you are going to enjoy life and be happy. It gives me hope that I will soon be there soon too. Again, thank you. Good luck on your next adventure.

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