Drug/Abuse/addiction/disease (Another Family Member Taken Away

Drug abuse ,disease ,addiction..What ever the case is another young family member has been taken away by this..Over the course of just the last few years I have seen  my brother ,  a niece, friends ,other family members ,, all die from this disease/addiction,I have also see my dad battle drug addiction bad for years until it got to point where he too should have died,I had to at one point have to have him commited to deal with his addiction. seen other family and friends battle thru alcohol and drug abuse /addiction /disease for many years,,Do we ever really wonder why or how .When is enough enough,Why do we drink so much so that we pass out or ,,have to just add one more drug to get that extra high,,Is it a disease , is it stress ,is it life ,Do we really know the answer,,Yes I am having hard time putting into words of how I feel,, because I have seen so much of it,,I seen first hand the damage it can do to the person, there family ,,or friends,,Do I have the answer absolutely not,, but if you came to me and wanted to discuss it ,, friend or foe family or friend ,, I would listen and help to my best of my ability .We went thru so much to Save my dad from his addiction /disease, but others I could not save who were close to me,,But I saved one,, if you need help reach out to me,, thru a message online or if your close thru me personally,,Rest in peace to those who lost against this disease / addiction,,,Thank for reading even tho as I struggled with mywords here,,I’m here if you need an ear or an unbiased opinion or advice..,, if it be abuse , addictions ,personal life events, no judging here will not make you feel uncomfortable ,, I will treat just as a friend ,,please reach out to me


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