553CFCB5-8D22-41EB-A2A2-792F0E93A974.jpeg2DEB8247-5726-46AE-8408-99F7696F0A7EYes I feel alive ,, what makes you feel alive,Me I decided to live and love  life .And I decided to enjoy my life .Come with me on my journey let’s enjoy together,


      • Aww thank you 🙂 <3 Means a lot that you come to visit. I know I have missed a couple of prayers but I'm working to catch up because I always have something to pray about. I'm doing pretty good. That last prayer I wrote was inspired by some workplace drama that had gone done in the last 24 hours…to make a long story short, I try to keep the peace with everyone but sometimes in the workplace you can't avoid the drama and well I lost my patience with it yesterday. I ended up being the one who said what needed to be said and I don't enjoy that but I am willing to face conflict if it means telling the truth…but still just was not a fun day but I prayed on it and I'm home now and just going to chill out and let God take over 🙂 lol

      • I understand that hun,, I am same way I try avoid conflict my self , and if I do face I to also feel bad afterwards ,, but I’m glad you are here I love chatting with a very nice lady who is very honest ..we will follow our life’s journey together thru your prayers,, god bless

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