gallery Toddler Guardian XL Size Baby Corner Guards, and for old people too | Strongest Available 3M Adhesive Corner Protectors(((reblogged follow this lady for good product reviews)))


Can you believe me a grandmother, my husband being a great-granddad, and I got the Baby Corner Guards for our furniture.

Hubby’s skin is paper thin, so he is always black and blue, and we rarely know from where.  That’s why I have put the corner guards on both our desks.  They have corners that both of us have caught ourselves on.  That is half of them gone, and next time one of us catches a corner, I will use some more.

They are the easiest to use, as all you do is peel off the paper on the 3 insides of the corner,

align it with the corner, and push it on, and down.  It states that it will be at maximum strength after 24 hours.

I haven’t removed mine, but on the back of the package it gives instructions on how to do this.

So whether it is…

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