The Great Toilet Seat Debate(time of the season with lots of guest)

Yes this is not really a holiday theme, but it could be a holiday issue. As the holiday season is here you will have several guest in your home.As last week I had some house guest and every time I went into the bathroom the toilet seat was up .Yucky to me it’s so gross to walk by and see into my toilet .Yes I keep my toilets clean but still to me it’s gross ,,Maybe I’m just (pardon the pun)anal about it but it drives me bonkers.Am I the only one who thinks it’s weird to not put the seat down.Look hopefully you wash your hands after using the restroom and you did lift the seat up(I hope) so please don’t use I don’t want to touch the toilet seat with my hands,,dang just wash those things .So am I anal or not about this.Plus I do buy nice pretty covers for the toilet seat anyway,,thank you for reading my rant.


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