My New Crazy Socks

FB3E67BA-DF1A-4C8F-AB0E-6AE0667A87E3Just little blog and my crazy new socks,Yes I have a sock problem , the crazier the better.I ordered these from s online retailer called,,,Usually they run specials where you can get free pair with your order,908F2238-EB90-467D-A08D-B889C7512326these are few others they have,, plus many many more styles,I like the length and feel of the socks as I tried them on,,So take look at the site,, I am in no way affiliated with them this is just review of my personal feelings ,,So my experience with them has been good and I’m happy with product,,


    • To be honest I don’t know, I do wear them for bowling and when I’m riding my bike,,.i do think they are extremely comfortable for those activities ,, and they don’t make my feet sweat

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