A Visit From A Loved Ones Spirit(true event)

Yes a question asked by many are there spirits/angels that can come vist you..I am going to share a emotional true story of what I believe was a vist from my deceased spouse .She e passed away in February of 2002.The following Christmas , we have always decorated our sliding glass doors with this animated Christmas display ,That Christmas I hesitated in putting up the displayed but decided to do so in her memory.Aftet I had the display up I took pictures with my digital camera and loaded them online on my computer,Nothing out of the ordinary ,,That night I decided to take some pictures with the display all lit up to send to her brother and Mom,Well as I loaded them on my computer what did I just see..Yes I saw orbs of lights in front of the display .There was a orb in the center surround by over a dozen or so orbs in an even pattern.I believe in my heart that the center orb was her and all ย the surrounding orbs were her friends,She brought her friends to visit her display ..The emotions I felt,,I also believe that this was her way of telling me that she was ok and not to be upset and that it was time for me to go ahead and live my life to the fullest,,I truly believe in this event,The next day we took the exact pics again and orbs were gone.She made her visit and brought her friends and I understood that she was ok,,Thank you for reading I cried few tears telling you my story, but it is honest truth from my heart


  1. Yes, I can certainly believe it! Our family members have had similar things happen since my daughter’s passing.There is life after death and nothing to fear on the other side! That’s what they want us to know. Thank you so much for sharing! People need to know about such experiences.
    From my HEART to your HEART in Love. ๐Ÿ’ž

    • Thank you so much,, you gave me the encouragement to tell my story ,, after I read your flower story ,, I wanted to knowledge your story of the 14 years and how I believed that the flower bloom was spiritual happening just for you,,,

      • I believe whole heartedly that she was there right there for you. 100%!! And my day was brightened and encouraged with faith to hear it. I am so so glad you shared it. Thank you!
        It got dark here and it popped into my head MY FLOWER and I went outside in the dark and the whole thing had opened. I took a picture of it in the dark incase something happens tonight. Then I come in and read this. Spiritual meaning I would say definitely yes

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  2. I believe there is more in life than just what we can touch and feel. I believe there are other levels there and with us and sometimes we get a glimpse of it. Thank you for sharing this.

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