UFO(who has seen one,I have)

Yes you read that correctly,,UFO , who has seen one.Yes I feel I have seen one, The other night I may be crazy ( yes I been told that) but as I was walking my dog I seen one ,, Up in the sky there was this light , it went straight up then went straight to side straight back to side again then straight down and back straight up,after it went straight back up it took off. To the north in complete straight line and from a stand still it’s just farted across the sky,, Yes my first thought wS someone has a drone ,,but once the object farted north it was way out of range to be a drone,,The movements were just to straight line to be plane or helicopter ..Do I believe it was a ufo,,This was not my first experience in thinking I saw one,,I remember when I was 17 walking home from work after midnite one night,I was being followed in the sky by rotating red,blue and green lights on an object ,,It seemed to follow me starting and stopping as I walked home,,As I was a very young man at time I was completely terrified ,, The rotating lights followed me for about a mile down the road ,,Then all of a sudden they were gone..Every now and then I feel like something in the sky is strange, but these two experiences I feel were very odd,,Do I believe there is something out there,yes,am I ridiculed for this belief, yes,,.Who knows someday we may know that there is ,,Anyone ever have an experience let’s all share it …


  1. Yes, I, too have had a UFO experience. It was in the 1970’s. My teenaged son was with me, so it was not unsubstantiated. In fact, he saw it first while feeding the chickens and came to the house to tell me. I didn’t believe it at first, thinking it was someone on the hillside walking with a flashlight, swinging it as they walked. My so had a strong utility flashlight in his hand and pointed it that way, like he was trying to see it better. It stopped swinging, seemed to turn and headed our way. But all we actually saw was the light expanding, like it was coming closer. The hair came up on the back of my neck, (The first and only time that ever happened in my life!) I grabbed my son’s hand and we ran for the house. I closed all the shades, and told my son, “Go watch TV. Maybe if we ignore it it will go away!” I got my Bible and started reading the 23rd Psalm, over and over. As far as we know, we were not abducted. 😄

    My Brother also saw one of a similar appearance. They were swinging back and forth, like a pendulum in both instances. They had bright lights, both front and back. They appeared to be a cigar shape, but it could have been a saucer with lights shining only on the side they were swinging toward. Since it was pitch black and no moon, all my son and I could actually see was the lights. At the time, we lived in the country, near a Nuclear Conversion Plant where they converted Uranium. My Brother worked there. His siting was while driving to work. Our siting was from our back yard. Both sitings were in the area of the Plant, but not on the same day, . It stimulated a lot of interest in UFO’s for us all, thereafter. There were many other sitings reported in local newspapers in the town where we lived, as well, during the 1970’s. With all I’ve read about them since, it now seems to me that they were cleaning up (Sweeping) radiation in the surrounding area of the plant.

  2. I haven’t seen a UFO, but I do believe there is life out there somewhere! Great post! Thank you for sharing your story. Even the story above in the comments! Interesting!

  3. I believe I have seen a few in my life. One in Lubbock TX as a teen in the 80’s and one recently while I was walking.
    Weird thing today. My son, his friend, and I were getting into my car to go to the book store and we saw an airplane in the sky but it want moving AT ALL. It was acting like a helicopter! After about a minute and a half, it took off.

  4. I have seen also. I am a geek into sighting stories and encounters etc… I have read thousands of articles and watched every video and picture I could find in my life.

    The US government has slowly been leaking info lately to the public. A lot of buzz in the UFO community that they are preparing the public for a big reveal. The CIA tweets… leaked fighter jet videos. Pilots talking about in on CNN… It is a lot of information for someone not prepared to accept there is something on our world besides us.

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