Christmas Eve Dinner

Since I was home for Christmas this year,and a customers  who’s house I was Painting gave me some t bone steak and some rib eyes, I decided to make a Christmas Eve dinner,Well so yesterday I actually decided to marinade these in a 24 hour marinade,Nothing fancy on the marinade just a steakhouse marinade,, but I also added some chopped onions, garlic , peppers to the marinade,,Today I removed the meat from the fridge and let it sit for 30 minutes,,77545172-C47E-46D4-B5FE-286C78F32252.jpegand added generous amount of salt to both sides ,,I decided to butter base pan seer the steaks,,With the butter base I added onions and garlic..9362ACBB-11F7-437B-9E3C-D0282BCB2AE8.jpegI based each one individually,,flipping every so often,,after I based and seer each I placed on a pan and put them into the oven to a medium temperature for my liking ,,I don’t like rare foods,,after they reached 145 degrees I removed and let them rest for 10 minutes..

I also also cooked up some onions and garlic in the butter base for topping on steaks,,Well I’m not sure if I cooked every thing the correct way  or by true chef standards ,,,but I’m in no way a chef ,  however I do enjoy preparing some nice meals,,.I have to say tho these came out so juicy, not sure if it was me or just good pieces of meat,,but I’ll slap myself on the back here.So this was nice Christmas Eve dinner that was shared with neighbors,,merry Christmas to all


  1. I’ll have some steak, please and thank you. But I like it medium-rare. In does not really matter if you cooked it “correctly”, as long as you enjoyed it.

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