Liebster Award

  • A60CE1C6-1B08-40AB-A317-FB127ABE2DC9I was nominated by momentswithcynthia         
  • Thank you for the nomination , I don’t know if I’m doing this right
  • My question is tell bloggers about me or my blog
  • My blog is about projects I do around the home or work
  • also my blog is about just day to day activities ,adventures ,and everyday life
  • little about me ,I live in st.petersburg Florida ,enjoy bowling, bike riding, auto racing ,kayaking,nature parks,outdoor adventures,cooking,restoration projects,
  • i have finally learned to live life live life and enjoy life
  • thanks again for nomination Cynthia , follow her link at the top ,
  • thanks for looking not sure if this is done correctly, but I’m learning 😀😀😀


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