Coming up This Month(DERBY LANE Mutt Derby

Hello and welcome my friends, coming up this moth once again is the Derby Lane Mutt Derby.This is an event to benefit Greyhound Pets of Tampa..I attended this event last year and have to say it was a fun time.Its a bring your own dog and they set up short races by weight class,Last year there was dogs from 5 pounds to 260 pounds .Located in Saint Petersburg Florida ,Derby Lane host this event if you are in the area stop by it’s fun day and let me know I will be there and let’s meet,,I will do a follow up blog on the event so keep a lookout.The date is Feb 18…I know that some are against this type of event but it’s a very safe event for your pets..Besides the races there will be lots of giveaways, and  raffles to support various pet charities.So even if you don’t have a pet to race ( which I do not my guy is to old you can just bring a pet or just show up without a pet for the enjoyment ..EEE5194D-32F5-4D2F-8472-187AD7F3A447


  1. This would be so funny to watch. I am just imagining my mutts trying to do something like this!
    Molly would foam at the mouth over any dog because of stress so anytime she saw a dog she looked rabid!!!!! Poor girl would have just scared all the other racers away!

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