My Coffee(Looking for sugar substitutes for my coffee)

Hello my blog friends.I am looking for any suggestions on sugar replacements for my cup of coffee.As I have stated in a earlier blog how I quit sugar in my diet.So now that I don’t use sugar I drink my coffee black and no sugar.So I’m asking for anything that could give just little sugar type taste for my coffee.Thank you for any help or suggestions you offer me❤️❤️❤️


  1. I don’t have any suggestions. The problem with coffee is most drink it on a daily basis, some in more larger quantities than other. So replacing it with things like artificial sweetners or the creamers it can all be bad for you in large quantities. People switch to artificial sweetners or say diet pop thinking it is a healthier life choice not realizing these things consuming too much have risks like cancer etc. I for awhile just cut out sugar completely for almost a year successfully. Just had coffee with milk. I can’t drink coffee black. I now am thinking about cutting sugar out again (I now only take one small teaspoon. As a teen and into my twenties I like had two spoonfuls in each cup and drank a lot of coffee. 3-5 cups a day. That is a lot of sugar and my weight did pay for it. I lost a ton of weight when I cut out sugar out of my diet that year.) in the mean time I have just cut back how much I drink coffee. I went from 3-5 big cups of coffee to 2-3 small cups a day now. So what I am getting at is if we are talkng healthy alternatives than everything is okay in moderation. 😛 I got nothing as substitutions sorry. I was going to say those sweeter creamers in replace of milk and sugar, but they are super sugary too. Artificial sweeteners maybe? Just don’t use them all the time. Haha or like use 4 of them in a cup of coffee.

  2. My husband and I both HAD to have lots of sugar in our coffee. Could not drink it, otherwise. But then, for health reasons, we stopped the sugar cold turkey. We were amazed at how quickly our taste buds adjusted. Now, coffee black is delicious!

    Then I stopped drinking coffee altogether, for a different reason. But that’s a whole other issue. ☺

    • Yes I was the same used lots sugar n had to quit all sugar also,I have been getting slowly used to black coffee,, but maybe a differ brand taste better than mine,, which brand did you use

      • Yuban, dark roast. My husband likes it very strong, approximately 2/3 cup of coffee for a regular 12-cup pot. When I was drinking coffee, I preferred it not quite as strong, more like 1/2 cup of coffee per pot. Which is still a lot stronger than most people seem to like.

      • I also like it not as strong,, I will give it a try ,,I usually just do Folgers ,, thank you for info ,,

  3. Hi Jimmy!

    Oh, goodie, I get to share some more information! THANK YOU! 😊 I absolutely LOVE being helpful!!

    I quit coffee, but my husband and son still drink it and both love sugar. I had substituted Stevia for myself in my Green tea and whatever else I still like sweetened and have no problem with it at all. My son, who added several spoons of sugar to his coffee, claims it has an after taste. My husband, also having several teaspoons to a cup, claimed it did as well. I bought another sweetener, Stevia and Monk Fruit combination and my husband says he likes that, but my son does not. Both of them are diabetic and I read in my research that diabetics taste for sweet things is not as strong as normal – that they want things sweeter- not sure if that’s why they don’t like the Stevia combinations.

    Stevia is a leaf from the stevia plant. It originated in the mountains of South America and was used as a sweetener by the Guarani people for hundreds of years. The Monk fruit is a melon that Buddhist Monks have used as a sweetener for nearly 800 years. these plants are NOT artificial sweeteners, but are natural products with nothing manmade or harmful about them – also they have ZERO calories!

    Most Stevia products on the shelves of the local groceries have other things added to them. You have to read the labels! Like the last I bought, for instance, has Dextrose as the first ingredient,then Stevia – yet the brand name is Stevia in the Raw”! The Monk Fruit package. “Whole Earth”, has Erythritol (a sugar alcohol), Fructose, Chicory Root Fiber, Stevia Leaf Extract and Monk Fruit Extract. So, in both instances, what I thought I was buying was the least of the ingredients in the package. I had better luck at Whole Foods with both the Stevia and Monk Fruit products.

    Just one added note: We discovered from one of our Diet and Health experiments that adding a teaspoon to a tablespoon of extra virgin coconut Oil to a cup of coffee is a wonderful nutritious treat! You could add your stevia at this time, too, if desired. The original instructions said to blend the ingredients in a blender. It froths up like a frappe! I tried it in my GreenTea, too. Delicious!

    Have fun experimenting!

    • That is interesting how each stevia product contains different ingredients..I’ll check into the monk fruit , this is first time I heard of that .. my blogging friends also have great advice thank you again

    • The jaggery has now been suggested by couple people, I have never heard of it, so I def will have to check it out,, thank you

    • Crushed jaggery, I never heard of this, I will have to look for it and try it out,, thank you,,

  4. Check this:

    I myself quit sugar, but use very small amounts of stevia in my coffee, and do not drink as much coffee as I did, one big cup in the morning, and that’s it, no juices or sodas, just mineral bubble water, do not keep any temptations at home, or in my fridge, and never accept little seeps, or morsels of something I know will keep me hooked, and coming back for more.

    It’s hard on the beginning, but now, I sort of got use to it.

    Good luck! 🙂

    • Yes I too drink no sodas or sweet teas and have cut back on coffee,,I became i label reader now,, when I have up the sugar my weight just fell off,, I will try the stevia but in small amount like you stated,,, thank yoy

  5. Yes my first drink in morning is coffee. When i stopped sugar I want to quit coffee but can’t so I tried this method.
    In black coffee I added milk cream it’s tasty. U can try once if u may like the taste.

  6. Stevia is all natural and from a plant. You can get it in a liquid form. I buy it as it is a treatment for lyme disease and my husband uses it to sweeten anything that needs to be sweetened.

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