My Valentines Day Health Scare

Hello friends  just like to let you in on my personal health scare.(first off thank you To a few of my wordpress friends who are Instagram friends also for the concern  they felt toward me,.Thank you Bethany and thank you Julie..)well on Valentine’s Day I was in side of a car lot signing papers to buy a new car.Well as I was singing my hand would not work just would not do anything ,then as  this was happening I kind of went into la la land, and then my speech went, I was a blurbering and muttering and just could not speak.As the paramedics came started monitoring me my blood pressure went thru the roof.So off I went to hospital as a stroke patient .So. As I’m heading to hospital I started coming out of it , which was a great sign.Well I reach hospital then I really started coming back to myself just still speech slurring but getting better.Well thankfully it looks to be only a T I A..So here we go many many many test of all types for the next 2 days.Thankfully looks to only be so far just a TIA..(mini stroke)I have two more test I’ll get the results from when I vist the neurologist .I have never had so many test in my left, so where freaky , with strange sounds , strange lights, radiation pumped in my body..Well I was lucky , what the doctors told me that what I have been doing for the last year n half now  could have prob saved me.For me I quit smoking 15 years ago(best thing ever.).But in last year or so I quit sugar,started more exercise routines , especially my bike rides.I got my blood pressure under control and have been working on my high cholesterol ..Which is coming down .So the doctors tell me if I didn’t do these things earlier like I did this ordeal would have been worse.I want to be around for many more years.Yes I have had people say to me why do those things, I’ll eat drink and do what I want .But I’m here to say I thought that way a long time ago , but when you see a spouse drop dead in your arms you think I’m here to tell you.Your life choices are yours ,I’m not here to preach to you but I do believe if I did not make a change not long ago I may not be here now or I could have some major issues..I love to live , yes I live I am active I eat , but I do watch what I eat.You can enjoy a healthier life and yes enjoy it..So to those who laughed at me or said that bowl of ice cream won’t hurt you you big baby, or have a soda why do you want to ride your bike,I say one thing, I’m here and thank god for that ..So far I’m doing ok have few more test results to get, and I’m going keep going with my diet, my bike riding adventure ( please join me),because I love life ..


  1. Glad to read the whole story again. That was scary! It doesn’t make me quit soda or cigarettes yet, I’ll get there someday. I’m so glad you’re getting better. Now when are we headed to the ballet?

    • Yes,, but likely I have been doing the right stuff and I plan on being here,, hope you have beautiful weekend

  2. Oh my gosh James. I am just catching up with your blog now and I feel bad I missed this post. I truly hope you are doing well and yes please do continue to take care of yourself no matter what people say. Your body is a temple and well I know my temple could use some work lol so your post here kind of struck a chord in me to pay more attention to what I put into my body. I thank God this situation did not escalate to something worse and I will make sure to keep you in my prayers as you recover. God Bless friend <3

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