Theater Room MakeOver(with metallic finishes)First Steps

Here is a project getting underway,This project is a makeover of a theater room in a customers home.The ceilings will be getting a bronze metallic finish and the walls will get a aluminum metallic finish..These finishes will be fun and tricky to apply because of huge area and no spray equipment will be used.All by brushes and rollers only..The original walls and ceiling  were a heavy textured finish and the customer wanted a smooth finish.To get the smooth finish we used drywall mud and floated the ceilings and walls with 3 thin coats and sanding in between coats.C4C4D2D3-3BD5-44FA-AB2F-2DC86085F2BAafter we got the walls to a smooth enough finish we primed them with a flat gray primer.

After the gray primer we went back and look for any imperfections and gave them a quick floating with 20 minute mud.So today since the ceiling will be finished first and are going a bronze metallic, we gave them a base coat of black paint.

Well tomorrow I hope to get the metallic finish on the ceilings and I will post that step as I get it finished.Thanks for following this project with me.


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