Pet Allergies,What to do in a restaurant situation(QUESTION)

Hello and I ask your opinions here.I have bad allergies to dogs.Today a situation came up that never came up before.As we were sitting in a restaurant the place seated people next to me with a huge dog.I love dogs I have a non allergenic dog ( which is not 100 percent non allergenic , so I do take stuff for him when my allergens flare up.Now I am all for therapy dogs and support dogs( by the way it had no vest on ) but that’s ok if the dog helps you I’m all for it 100 percent..My question is should a restaurant ask the people who are sitting by if they are allergic .As my allergies flared up bad , we rushed thru the meal and I had to leave.But I did not want to make a scene about them sitting there or for me to be moved,, This type of situation came up in a movie theater but never a restaurant before and the people got upset at me for asking to be moved( movie was pre assigned seating).And I was called so bad names for disrespecting person with the therapy dog.Some people are understanding some are not. So today I did not want to cause a scene .and I would not let the other neither.So should people be asked or not , or am I being an asshole for thinking this.I sucked it up today itchy eyes and all..Thank you for reading n understanding.


  1. I think it is common courtesy (being the manager of a business) to ask people inside ANY building if there are any allergies before allowing in a person with an animal. Most service dogs are hypo-allergenic for this reason, and even then, if they have to wait then its just common courtesy for everyone.
    It also strikes me as odd to allow people with a dog into a restaurant to being with… I understand out on the patio as people can’t leave their dogs in the car… But, inside the restaurant seema odd..

    • When I asked lady who I paid ,, even stated we don’t allow dogs ,, he sat right across from me , less than 2 feet..was very good,

      • I suppose that’s true! I haven’t seen a lot of labs here.. But, I did see someone with a chihuahua as their service dog (how it would be helpful… I don’t know.) but, they are also not hypo-allergenic.

      • I agree. How a tiny shaking dog that has a fierce yip would make someone feel better, I’m not sure. 😂😉 If someone else reads this, don’t be offended, please let us know! Most service dogs I see are big dogs. The anxiety helping dogs are small, I have seen those too!

      • As I was telling Julie the dog was a Rottweiler ,, odd service dog but I’m ok with that,,

      • He was big boy sitting in the aisle, he couldn’t get under the table, they had 4 people..

  2. If I walk in and see an animal, I ask before I even sit down to be moved. I love dogs yet am allergic to them plus I don’t want issues when I’m trying to eat. I understand not wanting to be “rude” but it’s really not. It’s a health issue for you

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