Theater Room(metallic finishes)

Finally the ceilings and the walls of the theater Room are done.Both the walls and ceiling are metallic paints.I must say this is the largest ceiling or walls I have ever done in metallic finishes and what a pain in the booty.This room and the finishes were not sprayed but applied with a micro fiber roller.If you were to spray you must only use a hvlp type sprayer.The ceiling color is Platinum(a bronze tone metallic ).i applied 3 coats to the ceiling , with each coat roll in a differ direction than the other.Since the light fixtures and vents in ceiling were to match, I took some matching metallic spray paint from Home Depot .The wall color is Bright Aluminum.This also was given 3 coats .In a attempt to give best finish made sure that roll finish was straight up and down and no v type strokes..Now with a room this size it is very difficult to get an even leveled finish with the metallic finishes.At the end it is definitely a lovely look and feel to the room.Something different for sure and even with difficulty in application process it was fun to do.


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