Staircase/Railing MakeOver (moving right along

Welcome as I continue the rehab on this home, the railing /staircase is now moving right along,7DAFF7E7-3526-45A3-BE16-C377D81255E4this pic is after all the silver color was sanded off back to the primer coat.lots and lots of sanding.DF1C9E43-6007-4E9E-B922-988E21225819in this pic shows length of rail that has two coats of black and a clear coat of matte finish..

In the 3 pics here you can see where the old color of the wooded parts to the color of the darker parts.. The owner just wanted to darken the wood slightly,So I used poly shades all in one to give the wood just little darker feel..I have to say it def made a huge difference in the look..Well as this project moves along,, I’ll update a little at a time and then do a complete step by step on the rehab, Do thanks for keeping up with the project..


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