Product Review(sikkens wood finishes)

Welcome to a product review that I highly recommend .The product today is Sikkens wood finishes.If you have any type of woodwork, doors ,trim that need a high quality durable uv protection varnish, this is the product.

This product is a thick bodied varnish ,being a thick body it does take longer to dry.An advantage of this product with the longer dry times you are able to fix any mistakes , like a run or a missed spot does lay down very nicely with a good high quality brush.This product also has very good U V protection especially for Florida sun..I have used Sikkens On insides and outside work..for the  price I think it’s highly worth paying a little more.With this product you can use just a one coat application, but I always still do two just for my own taste.Sikkens is not a latex base product so you will need paint thinner for cleaning your tools..I have never thinned This product so personally I do not recommend ..So if your doors or trim takes a beating from the elements, invest in this product high quality with high results ..

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