StairCase Makeover (final update)

Hello I am back,after few weeks of working day and nights.My staircase  makeover is complete.Due to high volume and multiple jobs going on this job was done during the see some steps leading up to the finish product please read them931317C7-919F-4CD7-B07B-1C2DF1D7A3BDhere is one of the before pics..

Here are the after pics.

The wood rails and post

All were sanded,then wood conditioning,then a ebony stain, then sanding sealer, then followed by two coats of satin sikkens poly..

The stairs treads

The treads were completely sanded Because previous builder left tape residue  and they were severely  scratched

I then used an all in one stain and poly Bombay Mahogany

In order to get a even finish i applied a heavy coat then laid it off with a purdy .brush.

The spindles

The white spindles  received a coat of satin white to match trim in rest of house.

I really enjoy doing these projects,lots of time went into this staircase and the back wall .I always use the correct steps anytime I am doing any kind of wood work (new or refinish  wood)..

Wood work steps

1-condition wood before stain (helps with blotches

2-stain wood and wipe off excess

3-apply  sanding sealer,so you can sand after stain  and to help poly  flow  more even

4-apply  your  choice of poly

5sand in between poly  coats..


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