Tampa Bay Rowdies Soccer(my first ever pro soccer event

Welcome just quick little take on my first ever trip to pro soccer event, The Tampa Bay Rowdies of the Unitrd Soccer League.First thing is I am not at all a huge soccer fan, My granddaughter wanted to go that night, ad they all have season tickets.but her parents could not go, so she asked me.Well yes I went just to be able to experience things with her.The stadium the Rowdies play is is in downtown Saint Petersburg Florida.It is located right on the waterfront , and is a beautiful setting,Arrive early to be able to see all down town beauty .Well worth it.As far as the match itself went, for me as I thought it would go ,I watched but few things I was like oh ok the excitement at certain moments showed by fans ,yea ok.I did how ever enjoy the experience of the match, and my grand daughter loves it so it was worth a few hours of my time.The stadium and team does make your trip comfortable and fans were very enjoyable.

Now even tho I’m not a soccer fan I will attend a few matches with her,and next time I’ll go little more earlier to enjoy the downtown area some more.Are the Rowdies worth to see, yes experience was good one, and that’s what matters..


  1. I’m not a huge sports fan (other than American football) but, I LOVE watching them live! Going to a game is a really fun experience even if you aren’t a fan, it’s easy to get swept up in it all! 👍👍

  2. I LOVE baseball (you may have realized that already), I’ve never gotten into soccer, it looks like fun though. Being at a game is always better than watching it on tv.

  3. Watching the Rowdies was like watching an amateur team, when we went once. Now give me Chelsea, Arsenal ,or Spurs and I would be there in a heartbeat. Lived here 30 years.

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