JellyStone Camp Ground(end day 1 start day 2

So it’s early in morning of day 2,of course I’m up early and the only one up..The first day yesterday was the first time in 5 years we had rain like that.The rain kind of slowed things down wee bit..Now i was exhausted me n little Alaina were dancing and singing too you tube videos of various children’s songs of her choice .The gummy bear song will be in my mind forever.Little Alaina is my swimming buddy tho ever year .8D6C5A92-FF02-41C0-A223-1E1554BE7BBF


that little girl is so much fun.As evening went on we all went played Gaga ball and listened to music.

well today will be busy day .Today is mud games day.There will be. Mud football , mud volleyball ,seversl

other mud games ..We will have activity filled day which I will get some pictures from and catch up either during the day or tonight.


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