2 Child Deaths In 2 Days(the anger I feel)

Welcome to a pist about child deaths .As most of us have heard , here in Florida(in my neighborhood)a mother supposedly killed her 2 year old son ,She tried to cover this up by a contrived story .And today not even 30 minutes from my home another 2 year old was killed by a man whose mother left the child with him.huh she left her child for 2 weeks with someone,really very odd ,then tha man killed that child..

Needless to say I’m very angry and irate .Me being a person who wanted a child of my own (as in another post I have),and I would gladly take on the responsibility right now of raising an unwanted child..Please I beg you ,there are places to take your child, things happen,life happens,if it gets over whelming for you,please think, and give them to someone who loves them.

I would love to take a child and love them and protect them and care for them..Contact me I’ll make arrangements to foster or adopt .

Im so angry irate ,pissed off..I just don’t understand ,yes there are many factors that are involved in a persons decision , physical and mental..

I feel hurt over these deaths fir as I have aged and never had my own child and would love a child to raise of my own,that I’m hurt deep inside over peoples actions.

Dear child angels,you are loved,will forever be loved ,deep in my heart ,deep in my soul, deep in my mind,spread your wings little angels ,smile down on me,

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