Adopting A Child(looking for advice)

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I am interested in an adoption of a child.Looking for any advice from anyone who is or has gone their the process .

As stated in a previous blog I have never had children of my own,and I am currently 50 year old..I feel that my age makes no difference for I have plenty of love..I would prefer a girl and dies not have to be a baby,been thinking of a girl of over 4 years plus ..I have some info on a current 5 year old..But I am open to a boy , or a child over or under that age..

So please if you have any advice and things I should start to do now,, please I accept your help..


  1. If you are in the USA go to the dave Thomas foundation they deal with adoption they are really good! Im not in the USA but I have read some of their stuff and found it really good. xo

  2. my advice is to reach out to people who have already been adopted and to speak to them about their experience. Remember also that kids/babies are not blank slates and that they will need the appropriate mirrors. There is plenty of material out there on adoption and how is is trauma and how as kids get older, they will probably want to search for their biological connection. I’m an adoption consultant so if you would like to do a Gmail chat, please let me know. Adoption is not “easy” and the one who is mostly affected is the adoptee so reach out to those who are directly affected!

    • Ok thank you ,,and yes I do
      Understand they need differ kind love,,I’m ok with them searching for biological
      Parents in future,,thank you again,, I’ll gmail chat with you

  3. I know you want to adopt, but .have you thought about being a “big brother” , tutor or a mentor so many youth/young adults could use a positive non judgemental individual like your self…

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