Popcorn Ceiling Removal

  • So you have an ugly outdated popcorn ceiling. Over time they probably have turned a  dingy yellow color or have started to fall down. Even trying to paint them it makes a big mess.
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  • To remove these ceilings can be messy job, and little time consuming( depending on amount of paint on them
  • items you will need include, heavy duty plastic, tape, garden type sprayer , drywall knife, and regular paint scrapers.
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  •  First thing is to remove as much of your personal items as possible.
  • cover anything that’s left and cover the floors , tape ends to the base boards if possible ,
  • next fill garden type sprayer with water
  • spray the entire ceiling area with water( get ceiling nice and damp), you can usually see the areas change color.
  • next grab ladder and drywall knife and just scrape along ceiling,( try not to dig into the drywall).use smaller scraper around corners
  • img_1362
  • if there is several layers paint on popcorn , stripping time will take few scrapings .
  • with any luck the popcorn just comes off easily for you..
  • after the texture is off , roll up your plastic coverings into the center and discard into heavy duty trash bag,,
  • some times the dust can get under the plastic , just take wet/dry vac and clean it up,,
  • after ceilings dry out recover floors sand and patch as needed,, or you may want to texture them with orange peel or knock down texture ,,
  • as you can see removal process is kind of messy, but is not too difficult to do yoursel
  • Any questions please ask us,


  1. Ohh, this was on my New Years Resolution List. After you remove the popcorn…do you have to mud the ceiling, then paint? That’s what someone told me. How was your ceiling after the removal?

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