Kitchen Walls Makeover

  • Welcome to my little project of making over my kitchen walls.This was fun , somewhat time consuming project, but finish was worth it.

  • Items you really need is some various paints( colors , sheens, house paints or craft paints, spray paints,does not really matter anything will work
  • sandpaper
  • crackle finish from craft store
  • varoius pieces wood old or new, various sizes
  • paint brushes
  • saw, electric or hand
  • You can just use your imagination or look online to get ideas on how to create various pieces wood.
  • what I did was work on little each night after work,(each piece can require lots of differ steps and layers.
  • Just sand and paint as you think looks good , use some crackle medium to get crackle finish,, just remember there is no right or wrong
  • This project is just ideas to get your mind thinking,  the basics behind doing each piece. Is to your own liking.
  • If you need some advice on how and various ways to do the wood please send question to me,,


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