Sakti Burman Lithograph(arlequin amoureaux)

  • Welcome to my site. Today I have for you from my collection.
  • This piece of art is from a listed artist
  • Sakti burman,born 1935,this artist is a contemporary  painter and lithographer.
  • born in Kolkata . 1953 enrolled in art school in Kolkata ,,graduated in 1956  from college of art and craft ,then moves to France.
  • he started major exhibits in 1956.
  • this piece out of my collection is a Lithograph from around 1979..
  • titled Arlequin Amoureaux.
  • signed and numbered piece
  • img_0538
  • This piece will be available for sale
  • If you have any questions on this piece , feel free to ask.
  • As you can see it’s an eye catching piece of art.